Duskwood Game | Solve The Mystery By Investigating In This Story |

An exciting interactive search that includes photos, mini-games , videos and much more with RPG elements. This role-playing search from the Everbyte makers, known for their numerous games, from fantasy adventures to breathtaking horrors, comes to the rescue when ordinary games with a linear plot without sharp and unpredictable turns are pretty fed up! Players will be told the storey of Hannah’s enigmatic robbery. 72 hours after the disappearance of her friends, her missing cell phone receives an unwelcome message containing only one number. By investigating a real criminal case that occurred on the outskirts of a small village surrounded by a thick forest, among which there are terrible rumours. Unravel this intrigue. Once again, are the legends alive? Duskwood Game promises to dive headlong into a non-trivial role-playing game, where you will be awaited by an intricate plot, where every decision you make and the perfect move will impact the result of further events.

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It’s incredibly realistic, making it almost the same as if we were chatting on WhatsApp or a similar instant messaging programme, one of the coolest things about this game. And while we can shorten the waiting period between texts, as in real life, we will have to wait for the characters to “send” their letter, which can be torture depending on where in the storey we are. You will be notified if you’re not in the conversation when a new message arrives. Furthermore, you will be able to access their profile if you tap on the picture of the chat characters, where you will see the images they have sent you and the type of relationship you have developed with them. Do you like mysteries and mystery novels that are interactive? So it takes a while for you to download the APK file for this fantastic Android game. Within seconds, you’ll be swept up in the plot.

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Duskwood Game Features

  • Collect secret evidence, speak and solve mysterious puzzles with many different characters
  • Hey! Be real! Oh, be yourself! This adventure of a criminal investigation is about you!
  • You can expect different media and game content, in addition to text messages and choices,
  • Enter and make new friends with the crew. Be patient, however, who to trust …
  • Play in a real messenger, the immersive mystery novel

Download Duskwood Game file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name Duskwood (Game)
Updated 9 October 2020
Current.V 1.6.1
Req.Android 4.4 and up
Size 38M
Offered By Everbyte

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