Jail Prison Game | Help Your Prison Friend Escaping From Jail |

Crazy clown now escapes mission on Alcatraz island. Play jail break 3D: city jail escape games as a hero escapes the creepy clown survival jail stealth dungeon. Help prison hero escape from jail action game in this stealth game. Aid the prison escape into this new prison game as a brave warrior to escape hard life. Ditch the prison guard and get away with the jailbreak without being caught. Are you ready for the classic game of police chase with 3D jail break: games of escape from city prison. The aim of this prison life game is to help your prison buddy escape from Jailbreak who has been sentenced to death for a crime that he has not committed. Using the right approach to solve the obstacles on the way to exit. Play the great game of jail survival with an intricate strategy. This quest to escape from prison is fun game of time. Helps to save buddy of Alcatraz prison. This is not an straightforward feat to crack the chain and open a jail lockdown. Tackle mean jail guards before they catch you. Find the things available in the prison cells that you are passing through and solve the mini puzzles to unlock locks and collect some money from other jail lock-up rooms. Play best prison escape game, break your cellmate’s jail security take-out guards. Enjoy demanding jail escape game hit with gun or hand battle escape jail camera and jail guard on sniper tower.

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Be a brave thief using your gunshooting & melee to attack the prison escape rivals. This captivating prison break survival game will keep you indulged. Police arrested the innocent bank boss & put him in alcatraz prison. This action game for the prison break is going to be addictive so be ready to play. You are encircled by security guards in this jailbreak facility. Create a realistic jail-break plan for Alcatraz prison breakout. Become the infamous crime town gangster in this game of escape prison. Everywhere, escapes extremely secure jail with cameras. Take prison guards done and feed cctv camera cutters. Take jail warden keys to get map of underground tunnels from jail library. Play game of next-gen prison break to end life in prison and become free as a flying bird. Get jail mates out of their wretched prion life and take them back with you. Best jail break 3D game to survive the tough time before leaving Alcatraz prison.

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Jail Prison Game Features

The hard time to be free in jail break game, using criminal genius mind and crook technique to make jail break is over. The city jail will have several obstacles but will be the perfect clown hero to escape from prison. Captured in Alcatraz prison by prison guard, escapes with a cellmate to be alive. Prepare for the ultimate simulator penitentiary survival game.

  • Challenging Operations to Defeat Prison Patrol.
  • Enormous soundtracks and animations.
  • Realistic physics, and a system of dynamic damage.
  • Fun Filled Life Jail Action Play!
  • Tips and hints for a successful prison escape game
  • Player play good and damaging.

Fight this daunting task of escaping prison with your new weapons. The 3D prison escape game is designed to safely escape from the jail survival games of rivals. Show insane clown skills & tactics eradicate the rivals to make a safe breakout in your direction. Play as a super prison breaking game & experience prisoner game madness to make jail escape effective. Download Jail Prison Game file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name Jail Prison Break 3D (Game)
Updated 30 June 2020
Current.V 1.7
Req.Android 4.1 and up
Size 50M
Offered By Super Mobile Games