Left to Survive Game | Face A Direct Combat With The Un-dead |

Left to Survive Game is a third person game challenging you to play one of the zombie apocalypse survivors. Your main goal is to grab your guns and head out into the streets to face the un-dead in a direct battle. In Left to Survive the controls are easy. Your character will automatically travel through the setting whenever appropriate, searching for shelter. Just think about aiming and firing (sliding your finger on the left side of the screen). Based on the situation, you can throw bombs or use a machete too.

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One of Left to Survive Game’s main features is that you’ll be spending most of the time battling zombies from a third-person viewpoint, but you can still control your camp. You can create new buildings, update existing buildings and ultimately control your resources just as though you were playing a game based on strategy. Left to Survive is an impressive third-person game, adding elements of strategy to add more variety. The game also features excellent graphics and a PVP game mode after you’ve progressed a few stages.

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Left to Survive Game Features

  • Action to live with fantastic 3D graphics, 11 regions and daily updates. Daily events in multiplayer mode featuring new weapons, time travel, aliens, and more!
  • The last day is coming and the zombies will not stop until you kill all of them. Mow down hordes of zombies with powerful weapons.
  • Build a chopper and lay waste by shooting machine guns and air-to – ground missiles on your opponent’s towers and houses!
  • Think the Dead are Mortal? The Multiplayer mode allows you to play PvP games in solo and 2×2 mode against live players. Keep on alive!
  • Life with zombies is difficult! They learned to run, throw radioactive waste at you and even bring weapons for the police! Are you able to face the hardest of the hardest?
  • Build, customize, and protect your camp from rival factions. Locate survivors of the zombie apocalypse, steal materials and band together! Do not let the Republic of New Earth overwhelm your house!

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Game Name Left to Survive 2020 (Game)
Updated 7 May 2020
Current.V 3.8.3
Req.Android 4.2 and up
Size 69M
Offered By My.com B.V.