Live or Die Game | Survive Inside A World That Is Full With Zombies |

Live or Die: Survival is a third-person RPG, which challenges you to control one of the few zombie apocalypse survivors. Your character will start the game in the middle of the forest, basically at the nude. Fortunately there is a mysterious benefactor who will support you from the start. Some of the most critical things in Live or Die: Survival is that you have to collect and build resources, just as you do in other similar games. You can pick wood, cotton, stone and a lot of other raw materials you can use to create everything from your house’s walls and floors to a work desk or bonfire. Also you can make hammers, spikes, spears, axes and more.

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Your life will consist of exploring, finding items and killing zombies in the deserted wastelands. All this will help you to evolve, to become stronger and smarter. When you level up, you’ll unblock plans to create new components, such as weapons and defenses. But besides constructing all kinds of junk and shelters, there’s also the incentive to kill zombies in the most macabre ways you can think of. The setting in the game is well done, and it has 3D graphics that complement the isometric and overhead cameras perfectly. If you’re into this genre’s games, at least this one offers something else besides walking and killing zombies.

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Live or Die Game Features

  • In the apocalypse will survivor has to depend on himself! Evolve yourself, evolve in construction, evolve in craftsmanship, evolve in armor and weapon use, evolve in killing dead zombies.
  • Each day you survive dead zombies in the apocalypse ‘s dying wasteland makes you smarter, each mile you overtake dying zombies makes you quicker.
  • Even the best survivor will die surrounded by the zombies of the apocalypse without a proper weapon and armour.
  • You will still need to rest to survive the apocalypse no matter how powerful you are with your guns, survivor or how strong your armor is.
  • To survive, you need resources to build your shelter, and build your weapon and armor. Explore the dead wasteland and scavenge it, to gather all you can, survivor.
  • Be vigilant! The planet is now a rocky barren wasteland of deadly dead zombies.
  • Most people we get ready for an apocalypse to come, too bad a lot of them eventually transform into zombies.
  • Immerse yourself in this dead apocalyptic wasteland, complete quests and receive unique rewards. Allow survival of anything and everything!

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Game Name Live or Die: Zombie Survival (Game)
Updated July 29, 2020
Current.V 0.1.435
Req.Android 4.4 and up
Size 60M