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With over six game modes and just as many maps to explore, Mandown Game is a content-packed FPS. Although this game is designed primarily for multiplayer play, it has a single-player mode in which you play against bots. Mandown Game’s default controls are similar to other FPS games: to move your character, use your left thumb when aiming and firing with your right. That being said, you can configure the controls and choose from the options menu from several targeting assistance choices. All game modes except for the ranked mode provide automatic shooting, as well as various control options.

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Challenge and Boss Mode are some of Mandown Game’s most entertaining single-player modes. In challenge mode, by taking down a certain number of enemy bots, your task is to beat a series of levels. In boss mode, on the other hand, in closed arenas, you face enormous monsters. Experience the best games on the battlefield for smartphone PVP shooting. Call your best sniper and battle the war. Take out enemy agents, plant explosives, rescue agents, secure urban locations, destroy the objectives that matter most in places around the world! Load up and update weapons such as sniper rifles, assault rifles, heavy guns and grenades. Use your rewards to upgrade your weapon skills, complete the missions and earn rewards, then complete your missions and share game play.

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Developer: 2axion Brasil
Price: Free+
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Mandown Game Features

  • A secure multiplayer game ONLINE: even with a sluggish link, interesting shootouts!
  • You have access to new types of weapons which will contribute to victory for your squad.
  • Test all the guns in this PvP shooter and prepare your attack.
  • Quick fight on the go for fun!
  • To counterattack and kill your opponent, practise your FPS strategy offline.
  • Collect new sights and key chains and mount them on your weapon!

Download Mandown Game file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name Mandown (Game)
Updated June 16, 2020
Current.V 1.1.8
Req.Android 4.1 and up
Size 22M
Offered By 2axion Brasil

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