Metal Madness PvP Game | Load The Guns And Dive Into Mad Shooting |

METAL MADNESS PvP Game is a multiplayer action game where you can get all sorts of gigantic weapons behind the wheel of vehicles. What’s your goal? Before the time is up to defeat all your rivals … Or they’re doing the same to you before. Brand new 2019 shooter loaded with guns, action, snip, shoot, shot, fight, royal battles and brawls! Fighters and snipers from all over the world challenge. Twisted post apocalyptic tour of the arenas of the bullets. Load the guns and dive like a squad of special ops into a mad shooting derby! We’re bringing machine guns, thrusters, bombs, flamethrowers, rockets and sniper rifles to enhance your action game!

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METAL MADNESS PvP Game’s controls are simple. You have the directional controls on the left side of the screen and the buttons to accelerate and brake on the right side of the screen. If you have a competitor in your fire line, your car can aim automatically. You will drive over a dozen different vehicles in METAL MADNESS PvP Game, each with its own acceleration qualities, maximum speed and resistance. You can also use all kinds of weapons, including shotguns, machine guns and rifles for sniper guns. METAL MADNESS PvP Game is an excellent action multiplayer game offering fast-paced battles lasting less than two minutes each. The game also features great graphics and a wide range of vehicles, weapons, and tracks.

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  • Huge arms variety: flamethrower, rocket launchers, plasmagun, rail gun, shotgun, machine guns, sniper rifles and more! It’s a pure mayhem on metal knights, warriors and shooters battlefield! Crazy force of fire!
  • Arage of 16 exclusive knights of metal! Deadly war machines, sports cars, tanks, ice cream vans, time bikes, SUVs and monsters of other guns!
  • PvP game is more than just a regular team death match or frag counter, it’s a mode you need real skills and tactics! Cross enemies on your cars with sniper weapons, fill the air with bullets, petrol and fire! Car squads are ready to go through special ops!
  • From the leaderboards, cross steel knights and reach the top of the strongest derby warriors! Standoff in the lethal gunman of the 3rd person crossfire boom! It’s real action, smash with fashion the rivals!
  • Crossfire, crashes, explosions and bullet-filled air! Team up with fighters, capture resources, crash metal knights on twisted arenas while fighting in one of 2019’s best PvP shooters!
  • Join crossfire combat in cyberpunk city, battle to death in the desert, turn enemies into twisted metal in industrial zone or begin a sniper derby on the roof!
  • Game is optimized for good! Epic fires on fragile machines as well! Boom!!! This wargame online multiplayer is so sweet!
  • Get on as long as you want to kill spree! Questions every couple of hours. Crossing thousands of players from the United States, China, Brazil, Russia, Japan and other countries!
  • In virtual action, Killer instinct pumps adrenaline! Military tech is made like tanks to destroy knights of armor! Upgrade gun damage and shield for crossfire protection!

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Game Name METAL MADNESS PvP (Game)
Updated 23 November 2019
Current.V 0.37.4
Req.Android 4.1 and up
Size 133M
Offered By GDCompany