Paragon Infinitywave Game | Destroy Endless Invasions Of Various Enemies |

Paragon: InfinityWave-a 3D shooter game for third-person Ios. You must combat endless invasions of different enemies who attack you during this game. Kill monsters before they reach you, because some of them can be close to you for self-destruction. You get a reward for every enemy killed. With the money you get, you’ll upgrade your weapons and character, improving their speed of movement, regeneration of health and other indicators. The game has no unique moving situations, the player has to shoot at different locations monsters and enemy soldiers from.

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3D third-person shooter application to Ios. During this game you must kill endless invasions of various enemies that assault you. Destroy monsters before they enter you, because some of them can be near you to self-destruct. You get a reward for each enemy that you killed. You will upgrade your weapons and character with the money you receive, increasing their speed of movement, health regeneration and other indicators. Monsters strike in waves and the player runs around the entire area, which is normally very wide. The thought brings other worlds to mind. The arms range is pretty good, with all of them described as modern weapons. Ammunition is finite. Between the waves of enemy attacks, by spending the money you get to kill mobs for this purpose, you can upgrade old weapons or buy new. The game has got a scheme of ratings and prizes.

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Paragon: InfinityWave
Paragon: InfinityWave
Developer: Nuker
Price: Free
  • Paragon: InfinityWave Screenshot
  • Paragon: InfinityWave Screenshot
  • Paragon: InfinityWave Screenshot

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Paragon Infinitywave Game Features

  • Realistic-looking Third Person shooter 3D survival action made with Unreal Engine.
  • Lots of levels for third person shooter action adventure
  • Lots of scary bad cyborg sci-fi, zombie and monsters.
  • Play Online LAN coop mode.
  • Arena mode: Battle relentless waves of zombies and cyborg sci-fi

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Game Name Paragon: InfinityWave (Game)
Updated July 5, 2020
Current.V Varies with device
Req.Android Varies with device
Size Varies with device
Offered By Nuker