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Most of us probably know only two titles, Nintendo and SEGA, which apply to Japan’s leading video game companies. If at Nintendo, the iconic NES or SNES OS and live games such as Contra, Donkey Kon or Zelda’s Legend are still beautiful memories – with the soul of all of the business. Who’s else? Super Mario Bros on the other hand, a counterbalance to Nintendo, SEGA also create a mighty empire that can compete in any way with its neighbour – and of course the soul of the whole SEGA business is none other than Sonic the Hedgehog, maybe nothing but Sonic’s. The Italian Mario with its most popular and popular game. I own a collection of works focused on comics and animation, and it will soon be a film – and a version of the game of course. And one of Sonic Hedgehog’s most impressive titles.

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Since the Hedgehog is the chicken who laid the gold eggs for SEGA, the blue hedgehog is still treated like kings by these relatives. That’s why “Sonic Forces” brings me a very beautiful 3D graphic. Sonic and his friends are very beautiful in form and attentive to every aspect, both in colour, gloss and the contour on their faces. Moreover the funny sound effects make your gaming experience feel more genuine. In addition, “Sonic Forces” can also make the various types of maps in the game amazingly realistic and appealing, of course, the magic effect of rolls cannot be ignored. You’ve made the brand of Sonic. Especially if you keep a breakneck pace and try to avoid obstacles, it will be difficult and you will need a good reflection so you won’t go the wrong way and you will be killed prematurely. There are a huge variety of characters in the game.

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Sonic Forces Game Battle To Win

  • Run quick to win epic adventure fighting and running
  • Fun racing and fighting races such as the area, the green hill and a shrine in the sky and mysterious jungle.
  • Sprint and crash other obstacles players and race Badniks.
  • Spin, spring, smash and slide your way to Sonic victory for your race.
  • Strike with the Sonic game classic elements mines, lightning, fireballs, tornados, and more.
  • Complete multiplayer races to earn trophies to unlock new and tough tracks.

Download Sonic Forces Game file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

Game Name Sonic Forces (Game)
Updated December 4, 2020
Current Version 3.2.0
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 43M
Offered By SEGA

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