Takashi Ninja Warrior Game | You Can Become A Brave Warrior Assassin |

Takashi Ninja Warrior is a 3D action game where you can control a ninja warrior as he fights to uphold the honor of his family and save his homeland ‘s people with just his faithful katana. The controls of Takashi Ninja Warrior Game operate on mobile devices very well. To move your character, just use the joystick on the left side of the screen and the buttons on the right to dodge, jump, attack, and use special capabilities. Not only that but you can use the attack button to unleash a brutal sneak attack if you approach an enemy from behind. Takashi Ninja Warrior reminds us of Sekiro’s great game: Shadows Die Twice, but on a smaller scale. The maps are relatively large and open, with deadly and fast-paced battles. There are also statues scattered across the maps which you can use to travel between areas quickly or to heal your warrior.

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A heroic warrior ninja adventure set in medieval age with elements of hack n slash and rpg. An action RPG fighting game where you could be a brave assassin warrior. Takashi, one of the best 3D ninja games where you experience the visually stunning graphics of a Japanese sword fighter ninja arashi assassine. Takashi Ninja Warrior, a ninja fighting game in medieval Japan, where blade legend rises. A warrior samurai ninja assassin battles oppressive powers to save his men. He trains for sword combat fights, pursues challenges, and survives boss battles in combat arena, and eventually becomes a legendary samurai ninja warrior.

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Takashi Ninja Warrior Game Features

Ninja warrior Takashi features an integrated map network. The player can use hidden paths to reach faraway locations. If players explore the entire map, they will be able to find secret rooms with secret treasures that may contain different reward types.

  • Takashi is one of a kind ninja game. Player must focus on several viewpoints at a time. Player can view the Inventory section of their loot, progress, or upgrade skills.
  • Use your game-style swordfight to defeat enemies. Beasts, witches and ninjas. All enemies have different behaviours, according to which player will have to choose the appropriate style to fight.
  • To experience real word fights Takashi will be equipped with several types of weapons. Each weapon has its own characteristics, and a story. You can’t complete the game with only one form of weapon.
  • Save the checkpoint, and restore health. Set at different locations.
  • Players can purchase potions, costumes, and other in-game items from the store.

Overall, Takashi Ninja Warrior is an excellent 3D action game which is halfway between Tenchu and the Souls saga. Besides that, it’s campaign mode is sufficiently comprehensive to keep you amused for hours. Takashi is a fearsome guerrilla in a grim, oppressive country. Face the forces of evil and help him save his people in this enchanting Horizon Games studio game that mixes real-time combat elements, adventures, and RPG. Download Takashi Ninja Warrior Game file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name Takashi Ninja Warrior (Game)
Updated 4 June 2020
Current.V 2.08
Req.Android 5.0 and up
Size 108M
Offered By Horizon Games Ltd