TauCeti Unknown Origin Game | Uncover The Secrets Of The Planet |

It is a technology test that includes just the start of the game, demonstrating possibilities that are already available on mobile devices. It takes the hi-end system with 3 GB of RAM and fast GPU. If this version of the game does not run properly on your computer, please download its cloned version-TauCeti Vulkan Benchmark Technology. TauCeti Unknown Origin Technology benchmark is a sci-fi FPS action that highlights the high-quality graphics available to existing mobile hi-end users. It contains the game start and lets you check and compare your mobile device results.

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TauCeti Unknown Origin Game immediately throws the protagonist into danger. Your space ship, popular ESS Meridian (known from Dead Effect 2) has crashed and gone haywire. The escape pod saved your life and safely took you to the surface of planet Tau Ceti f, directly in the jungle full of unknown life forms, quite probably intelligent, and now littered with the crashed ship’s debris. The Unknown Origin TauCeti is a beautiful yet dangerous place. It’s full of dangerous fauna and remnants of ancient civilizations, from the dense tropical rainforests to deep canyons and dangerous marshes. Mysterious collapsing temples can provide shelter and information, but sometimes they are full of risk. Lifeforms on the world aren’t pleasant and don’t take bits of your shattered ship and a handful of human survivors with kindness.

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TauCeti Unknown Origin Game Features

  • Exotic and unexplored exoplanet system TauCeti
  • Special organic AI archetypes whose action is unpredictable
  • Graphics of console quality and realistic sound effects with beautiful surroundings
  • Start of the game with a strong plot, the spiritual sequel of our previous games
  • In-game cinematic intro takes you straight into the action
  • A summary of character development
  • 2 Playable stage of story
  • The Smartphone Benchmark Test (GPU and CPU)
  • Full support with controller

Download TauCeti Unknown Origin Game file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name TauCeti Unknown Origin (Game)
Updated 31 July 2020
Current.V 1.0
Req.Android 5.0 and up
Size 40M
Offered By BadFly Interactive, a.s.