ZOMBIE Beyond Terror Game | Kill All Of The Deadly Monsters To Survive |

A failed experiment has once again created deadly ZOMBIES that inhabit the entire United States. As an elite soldier, in order to survive, you must destroy all of the deadly monsters. Full missions, get your gun ready and be the ultimate sniper! In the most epic action shooting game, try yourself against an impossible opponent! Zombie Beyond Fear is an FPS game where, with epic weapons, you can kill zombies! You were trained to deal with the most serious cases of advanced battle behind the enemy frontlines, as an elite commando. You are the best shooter among your brothers in arms, trained in the shooting of modern automatic and sniper firearms. But nothing could have prepared you for the unimaginable terror that came from a space-time continuum rift created by a secret weapon concealed inside a secluded military base.

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The newly created hellgate is the zombie frontier of a dimension of pure anarchy, pure evil. The war you’re going to battle will determine the destiny of the world. Any movement, any bullet, all your anger and fury channelled into your best shooter will change this conflict’s outcome. Call the world out for your challenge. Have your weapons set! Live to fire, and live to fire! Your only hope of survival is to use all the shooting arsenals available to keep the zombie at a distance. The demon portal has brought back from the past a set of WW2 weapons. You can catch a sentry tower for duty with the completely automated goal device, filled with lead and upgradable with exclusive features to give you an even bigger advantage over the dead zombies for the tightest situations with the dead. On your way, you’ll find hordes of enemies ranging from fun-sized zombies to massive demonic overlords descending on you with death and despair. The invasion from a different dimension can only be prevented by smashing each zombie before you are the only one left walking. It can be incredibly traumatic for you to meet the dead big guys, so do not hesitate to shoot them and raise the fire from your deadliest weapons. Goal, shoot … BOOM BOOM!

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ZOMBIE Beyond Terror Game Features

  • 15 over your disposal top deadly weapons!
  • Upgrade automatic turrets!
  • To kill highly ruthless bosses!
  • Hordes of zombies unkilled around the world!
  • Insane arsenal of battle arms!
  • Achievement hundreds and war missions!
  • Experience 3d zombie firing!

Download ZOMBIE Beyond Terror Game file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name ZOMBIE Beyond Terror (Game)
Updated 5 June 2020
Current.V 1.80.0
Req.Android 4.1 and up
Size Varies with device
Offered By T-Bull